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Monday, 21 December 2015 13:00

At the Department of Ecology and Evolution of the University of Salzburg (Austria), one PhD student position is available in the 3-years, FWF-funded project “New Phylogenetic Features in Oligotrichea (Ciliophora)”.

This project has an innovative and synergistic approach of combining taxonomy and phylogeny of ciliates, using light microscopic and electron microscopic (SEM, TEM) techniques as well as cladistic and phylogenetic analyses. We are seeking for an enthusiastic student with very good communications skills, team spirit, and excellent work ethics who likes to work in a modern science lab with state-of-the art techniques in an inspiring environment.

Oligotrichea are mainly marine planktonic ciliates and some of them – the tintinnids – form vase- shaped loricae (houses). The molecular phylogenies often reveal surprising relationships, especially concerning the tintinnids whose exclusively lorica-based classification is artificial. By re-/descriptions of the species based on live observations, protargol-impregnated material, and the almost unexplored ultrastructure of the loricae and the cells, new morphologic features will be discovered that contribute to establish a natural tintinnid classification and to map the apomorphic characters on the molecular trees.

The PhD student will generally work in Salzburg, but will have the opportunity to visit laboratories in France, Italy, and Germany during sampling trips to the Mediterranean and the North Sea and during an introduction into genetic analyses in Germany. The requirements for application are

  • - Master of Science (MSc) or equivalent university degree in Biology,
  • - experience in alpha-taxonomy, ultrastructural studies (especially transmission electron microscopy), and genetic analyses of protists, preferably ciliates,
  • - fluently written and spoken English (German is a plus as much of the old literature is in this language, but not required),
  • - use of basic computer software, Photoshop, and possibly 3D graphic programs,
  • - excellent work ethics, very good communication skills, the ability to work in a team, enthusiasm, creativity, and the ability to work independently and to develop new ideas.


The position is fully funded for three years with a gross salary of € 2,024.90 per month. Starting date is March 2015 (approximately). Please submit your application including a detailed curriculum vitae, a synopsis of your diploma thesis, a publication list (if available), and two addresses for reference per e-mail to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . For further information call Dr. Sabine AGATHA, Phone number +43 8044 5540. Deadline for applications: December 31st 2015.


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